YARRR{!} 17 October: Female Empowerment, Fashion, and International Social Entrepreneurship

YARRR's Saturday meeting was an amazing conversation between people from 5 different countries including two MBAs, one Medical Doctor now studying Public Health, one Global Health Policy person, a Dual Computer Science/Electrical Engineering major, and Henry and me.  (As should be expected, Henry dominated the conversation.)  We talked about smartphone apps that target exposing corruption among government officials in the developing world, the power of women to influence culture and society, and the ways we might use fashion to turn commodities into higher margin status symbols with the goal of driving profits toward communities in emerging markets.  

Ever hear of shea butter?  You should look it up!  They have a lot of it in Northern Ghana and there are a lot of interesting ideas on what that might mean....

To join the continuing conversation, hop on to YARRR's Slack room with your Yale.edu email and join the "fempowerment" room!  We'd love to have your perspective!


New YARRR Collaboration Hub

Darren built us a Slack chatroom!  Please hop on, log in with your @Yale.edu address, and:

  • Talk about what you liked or didn't like about the meeting!
  • Talk about what you think YARRR should be, what you want to get out of it, what you want others to get out of it
  • Talk about where/when we should meet next
  • Share ideas about how to keep Henry out of people's laps!

I downloaded their mobile app on my iPad and really like the interface there.  


Raising the flag...

There be your McKinsey, Deloitte, and your Bain
all buttoned down, and stable, and sane...
They sail rutted seas 'long old inked-in courses
to places where commerce is still done on horses.
But Here there be dragons...
together we'll slay them!
For Here we be Pirates...
and you can't delay them!
Here there be Heroes..
we'll find space among them
For the world is our People...
and Together we'll help them!

Welcome to the beginning of the broadest, most open-minded and accepting Entrepreneurship group at Yale University.  At Yale Advanced Rabble Rouser Recruiters, our Mission is to draw in people from all schools and backgrounds across campus to talk about Entrepreneurship, exchange ideas, and build teams that will one day change the world.

Let's come together and move the needle.